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Navarathri celebrations glorifying the divine Mother is the highlight of Janaky Matha Ashram functions. They were performed in a grand scale at the ashram this year between October 12th and October 21st 2007. Large number of devotees attended all through the ten days and received Mathajiís blessings.
Daily for each of the Navarathri days the pooja began with Sankalpam, Gadasthapanam, special Abhishekam followed by Laksharchanai.  The Vedapatasala Vidyarthis chanted Vedas everyday that added a wonderful resonance over the whole atmosphere.
At noon prasadam was distributed to devotees and poor people. Every night Annadhanam was performed for about 250 people. Everyone who attended were served and treated to a sumptuous dinner.
Another highlight of the navarathri celebrations this year like several years before was Vastra Dhanam. To needy Sumangali (married) ladies from the slums were given saris and kanya pondugal (young girls) were given dresses. Since several devotees had chosen to contribute to the Vastra Dhanam this year, a large number of persons had the opportunity to receive these gifts.
Navarathri celebrations are a special time at the Janaky Matha Ashram and one has to be part of it to completely experience the divine aura.  It would be a very soul satisfying experience if devotees can take some time out from their busy lives and spend a few days of Navarathri at the ashram.

Gurudevi Sri Janaky Matha's 101st Jayanthi was celebrated at the ashram on August 2, 2007.

Early morning Abhisheka puja was performed followed by special Rudrajapam and Aavahanthi Homam. Dusk set over the ashram with the chanting of Arunachalashiva.

Evening cultural program was presided over by the president Dr.G. Swaminathan which was followed by Geetha slokas and speeches by students of Sri. Siva Deenanathan. One speech by a young girl Kumari Iswarya describing Mathaji's daily routine starting from 3:00 AM in the morning was so poignant that it moved Dr. Swaminathan to tears. He said he could actually visualize Mathaji from the speech!

Mr.S.Sridhar from Bangalore was the special speaker of the evening and he spoke on the subject "Visions of Sri Janaky Matha"

The evening concluded with devotional songs rendered by Mrs.Vasanthi Ramesh and her troupe and distribution of Prasadam.