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Gurudevi Sri Janaky Matha Ashram is a Public Religious & Charitable Trust with 80G exemption managed by Dr.G.Swaminathan, a retired Wing Commander from Indian Air Force as President of Board of Trustees.

Mathaji attained Mahasamadhi in 1969 and a Temple has been built-up over her remains with an installation of Shiva Lingam.

Annual functions:

At Janaky Matha Ashram the following functions are celebrated every year. Invitations are sent to devotees and the details are announced in our website.

- Ramana Bhagawans Jayanthi
- Ramana Bhagawans Aradhana
- Mathajis Jayanthi
- Mathajis Aradhana
- Navarathri Pooja (for 10 days with Laksharchanai)

Other poojas:

In addition to the above-mentioned annual functions, the ashram performs the following poojas:

- Powrnami (Poornima) Pooja
- Pradosha Kala Pooja
- Annabhishekam and feed! ing the Poor
- Karthikai Deepam Pooja
- Shivarathri Pooja

Special Pooja:

Special Pooja on Birthdays and any auspicious occasions will be performed at the Ashram on the request of devotees. This Special Pooja will include Ghadastapanam, Rudraparayanam, Lingabishekam and Annadanam to all the inmates and the devotees present at the time of pooja.

If any devotee wants to perform a Special Pooja on any particular day, the contribution would be Rs.2000 for one day. Please provide the following information for Special Pooja along with your contribution.

AND THE SPECIAL OCCASION (For example, Birthday or Wedding Day)

Veda Patasala:

Gurudevi Sri Janaky Matha Ashram has proudly undertaken the task of starting a Veda patasala. This patasala is run in the Gurukulam style where young Brahmin boys (Vidhyarthi) stay at the Ashram and learn the Vedas under the tutelage of a Guru. The Veda teacher, th! eir Guru also lives near the Ashram with his family. The Veda patasala which includes, the Guru, his family and the Vidhyarthis, are fully supported by the Ashram for all their living expenses. The vidhyarthi is nurtured within the norms of a Veda student and his food, adequate clothing, lodging facilities and medical attention are, well provided for.

We are looking for your whole-hearted support to this project. Devotees may send any amount as contribution to Veda Patasala. Devotees may also undertake the entire expenses for a month for a student, which is Rs.1500.

Mode of Payment:

Devotees may send contribution for Special Pooja or Veda Patasala or for Annual functions or general donation to the Ashram by way of crossed cheque or demand draft in favour of "Gurudevi Sri Janaky Matha Ashram, Thanjavur" and send to the address as mentioned below.

Gurudevi Sri Janaky Matha Ashram,
15, Ganapathy Nagar, West Street,
Pincode: 613001,
Tamilnadu, India.

Phone: +91-04362-276320